Principal's Place

Hello Owl Families!

The 2020-2021 school year has sure gotten off to an interesting start! Never did we anticipate that we would begin the year without students on campus! We would like to thank all students, families, and staff for their positive attitudes and participation in the Sylvan SeLECT Distance Learning Model. One thing we are discovering and collaborating with each other to address is the important role of student engagement and support for the students and families as they navigate these uncharted waters. We have learned that now more than ever our students need support with social emotional skills, tools for self-regulation of emotions, and they need to feel more connected to our school community. To address those needs we will be placing a focus on teaching those skills through a curriculum called Sanford Harmony as well as through lessons with our school counselor. We will also be working with students and families to "meet them where they are" and extend grace and flexibility to the extent possible as we understand that every family is in a different position and comfort level when it comes to distance learning. We will continue to use SOAR as our common language for student expectations but this year we have developed lessons that explicitly teach and model those expectations to our students. We will continue to make academics a priority as we increase access and support for behavioral and emotional needs. FOr the 2020-2021 school year we have adopted the theme, "At This School WE are FAMILY" because as a staff we truly believe that and we embody what family stands for which is support each other through good times and bad, laughing together, enjoying each other, extending grace, and working together to accomplish goals. Please visit this website and follow us on Facebook as well Aeries portal communications to stay informed and hear about all of the celebrations and family accomplishments as we progress through the year! Facebook = @orchardowlses

Angela Quinteros