Principal's Place

Welcome back Orchard Owls! We hope you have had an amazing summer and are enjoying the last few weeks of your summer. We are excited and eager for the upcoming school year, as this promises to be a year filled with opportunities for all our students.

We are busy at work ensuring that this year is successful for all of our teachers, students and families. This year is sure to be filled with engaging, rigorous, meaningful work in the classrooms combined with special events and activities.

As a school we worked hard last year to develop a vision for our school that we are committed to achieving. "Our vision is that Orchard Elementary will be regarded as a premier elementary school that partners with families and the community to meet the needs of the whole child. Students will leave us as mindful, empathetic, courageous, high-achieving learners." We know that we can achieve this vision through our motto, which is “Together is Better!” We know that we can’t be a successful school without the support of our families, which is why we hope that you will volunteer at our school, ask questions, share concerns and be involved in your students learning this year.

This year we have a lot of great things happening. Students will be learning our new school wide expectations, or as we refer to it S.O.A.R! S.O.A.R stands for:

S – Safe Decisions

O – On Task

A – Act Responsibly

R – Respect Yourself and Others

We know all of our Owls will SOAR to new heights this year! Also, this year brings some new changes to our school. Starting in late August, early September we will be undergoing construction at school. We are getting HVAC systems installed in all of the classrooms, along with a fresh paint job and new carpets. As we work through construction there will be some moving of classrooms, fenced off areas, etc. Our goal is to minimize any interruptions to instruction during this time. The construction is expected to last all year. We will keep you updated throughout the year.

Finally, I wanted to remind all of our families of our bell schedule changes. Our first day of school is August 10th. Students are allowed on campus at 7:30, with our bell ringing at 8:00. Students are released at 2:15 on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s. Starting August 23rd, every Wednesday until May 9th will be early dismissal. All students will be released at 1:25. Morning Kindergarten begins at 8:00 and releases everyday at 11:20, Afternoon Kindergarten begins at 10:42 and releases at 2:15. Afternoon Kindergarten will also release at 1:25 on Wednesdays.

We are excited to see our Owls back at school! Enjoy the rest of your summer and please contact the office at (209) 552-3100 if you have any questions. Class lists will be posted on Tuesday, August 8th after 5:00pm.

Hoot Hoot,

Mr. Manley