Principal's Place

Hello Owl Families!

We are very near to the end of the 2017-2018 school year with only one week left! Your children (our students) have been making some great accomplishments this year. We have seen so much growth in the areas of reading fluency and math facts, it's fantastic! Our amazing staff have already begun looking at this year's data and having conversations during the early release days, to plan for next steps and identifying students by standard and by skill that may be in need of extra support or enrichment right at the start of next school year so that the next teacher can have that information and be prepared to take action. These are exciting times at Orchard! I am so grateful to have been selected as the incoming principal and cannot wait to see all that we accomplish next year!

The construction is in it's last phase as many of you have probably noticed. ;) The exciting thing is that we will be beginning the 2018-2019 school year with a fresh coat of paint on the entire exterior, a completely upgraded HVAC system, and new paint and carpets throughout all buildings. Thank you all for your patience throughout this process.

The last week of school means many fun activities are taking place, some of which may include parents as volunteers. Please keep in mind that we are using our new Keep N Track system to check in and out ALL visitors to our site. You must have a valid picture ID to use this system. Please provide yourself with extra time before the start of the event in case there is a large group so that we can get everyone checked in before the activity begins. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as this new practice and policy is designed to enhance student safety and a safe campus is what we all want for our students.

We wish you all an amazing summer! See you next year on August 8th!

Angela Quinteros