School Partners

 Parent - Teacher Association

The Orchard PTA meets the second Thursday of each month. The PTA promotes school activities and events. Watch the newsletter for notices and reminders of the meetings. Please consider joining our PTA.

 School Site Council

Our School Site Council plays an important role in your child's education. The council meets throughout the school year to develop and review a school plan and ensure that our funds are spent to support our school plan. 

 School Parent and Family Volunteers

People who would like to volunteer at a school will need to complete the Volunteer Application and attend a training in accordance with district policy. This application is needed for everyone who would like to volunteer for field trips, classroom support, PTA events that occur during the day (jog-a-thon, for example). Applications are available in the office.

 Visiting the School

You must check into the office and sign in when visiting the school. You will need to wear  a name-tag to help maintain a safe and secure educational environment. If you find it necessary to take your child out of school during school hours, you must come to the office and sign out your child. The front office will notify your child's teacher and your child will be sent to the office to be picked up. Pictured ID is required.

 School Concerns

When a parent feels he/she has a school concern or problem, the concerns should be addressed directly to an adult staff member involved. If the situation is not resolved, the next recourse is consulting with the principal. We appreciate your cooperation.

 Classroom Interruptions

We recognize the value of uninterrupted learning time. Therefore, announcements will be kept to a minimum. If you need to communicate with your child during the day, we will help you by giving a note to your child's teacher. Teachers will receive notes at noon and after school. any deliveries for your child must be made through the office.