School Rules

Classroom Rules

Classroom teachers will implant and enforce an age appropriate discipline plan. All students in kindergarten through fifth grade will comply with classroom rules set forth by teacher. 

Playground Rules

In addition, all students will be expected to comply with the following playground rules:

  1. Following directions the first time they are given by an adult/cues and protocols or bully. Use our social skills for following directions and accepting no for an answer.
  2. Keep hands and feet to yourself at all times.
  3. Use only school approved equipment.
  4. Use equipment properly, following all game rules.
  5. We are a community who supports one another. We do not allow tease, put down, or harasse. 

In the event that a playground rule is broken, the following consequences will take effect:

  •  Verbal reminder
  • Ten minutes out of recess or "time away" from game or play
  • Loss of one play period
  •  Administrative Referral

Student Safety and Traffic Rules

Students are to cross the street at designated crosswalks only. Parents, please discourage students from dashing across the street or parking lot. Safety Patrol Officers will enforce  the following actions:

  • jaywalking
  • rudeness to traffic patrol officers of adults 
  • not waiting for traffice patrol before crossing the street, riding bikes,skateboards, roller shoes, or roller blades in the crosswalks or on campus

Nutrition Break

Nutrition Break takes place during the morning recess. Snacks are not allowed on the playground.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • We request that the snack be healthy and be low in sugar.
  • Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  • Students are to eat only in the designated "snack" areas.

Cafeteria Rules

  1. Respect others.
  2. Clean up after yourself.
  3. Use a soft voice.
  4. Behave appropriately while in line.
  5. Avoid playing with food.

Bus Rules While on Campus

  1. Walk to your bus line.
  2. Stand quietly in your bus line until you are dismissed.
  3. Cooperate with supervising adults.
  4. Follow posted bus rules.

Behicle Traffic Rules

  1. All vehicles are to park only in designated areas. (No parking in red zones)
  2. Yellow zones are only for dropping off and loading.
  3. The curbside is only used for the drop off or pick up of students.


Bicycles are allowed at school; however, they must be walked on school grounds and on the sidewalks in front of the school. Bicycles are to be kept in the bicycle storage area secured with a lock. Children who ride bicycles are required to wear helmets.